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Working Remotely: A Look at What Works

In the time following the start of the COVID pandemic, Bendyworks transformed from an office-based team of software developers in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, to an all-remote company with employees in half a dozen states. In spite of the many challenges, we have built the business and grown the team size.

Bendyworks Goes Remote

To test our ability to support remote work and prevent coronavirus, all Bendyworks employees will be working remotely for a week.

Meetings and You

Our best practices for running meetings efficiently and effectively.

"Technology is a black box to me."


When we speak to prospective clients or when we explain what we do to people we meet, they often tell us that they don’t understand technology or software. We hear a range of comments from, “I don’t know that much about tech” to “I’m so software...

BendyConf: The Internet Is Your New Database

In his talk The Internet Is Your New Database, Will laid bare the ideas behind the semantic web. While usually shrouded in misunderstanding, the semantic web has lots of cool ideas packed in it.


Will started with the simple notion of a...

ON AN ON B-Sides: Ghosts

It’s a foggy week here in Madison, folks. We’re all about matching our music to our mood, which meant it was perfect that Jonk Music posted this video of Ghosts from last month’s B-Sides with ON AN ON. No matter the weather where you are, take a listen...

B-Sides: ON AN ON

Chicago-based ON AN ON was named the number one band to see at SXSW 2013 by Time magazine. We couldn’t make it to Austin to verify that ourselves, but we’ve been playing them over the communal Bendywaves this past week in anticipation for their appearance...

No one knows everything, and that's okay

As Bendyworks’ latest apprentice it’s easy to forget that no one knows everything. My journey as a developer began just 20 months ago, and with a background in French language and photography, it hasn’t always felt like the easiest transition. However...

Improv at Bendyworks

When you’re pitched a four dimensional water bottle, a baby’s first mace, or completely opaque windshields, you might want to stop and wonder how you found yourself in that position. While this isn’t exactly a common situation at Bendyworks, it certainly...

It's Growth Day at Bendyworks

[Bendyworks Growth Day]1 from StoryFirst Media on Vimeo.

Here at Bendyworks we take Fridays for personal, professional and company growth. We think growth days are vital to stay engaged with the open source community...

Announcing B-Sides

Bendyworks is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with some great folks to bring you more access to the Madison music scene.

The Majestic Theatre has been bringing national touring acts to our area for the last five years and has supported the...

Programming Pilgrimage

PilgrimIn August 2012 I resolved to become a world-class web developer in one year and to share my progress and discoveries along the way. I challenged myself with the task of learning a new programming topic every two weeks, blogging about what I learned...

Growth day happenings – Friday the 13th

(This is the first of a recurring series describing our work during most, if not all, growth days at Bendyworks. Note that we won’t do growth day on Friday the 20th, because it’s UXMad.)

What’s a “Growth Day”?

Bendyworks invests in our developers...

What are we doing over the next few weeks? 2012-07-09

What’s coming up the rest of the month?

The major event is clearly UXMAD.

uxmad poster

This is a premier user experience conference for a decidedly less than premium price. Thursday the 19th there will be hands-on workshops; Friday the 20th and Saturday the...

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