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We build smart, robust, enterprise-level software that works, both with you and for you.

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What We Do

We’ll take your business to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Front End Development

    We build elegant, powerful software that drives business and gets results.

  • Back End Development

    We make server-side applications and APIs to effortlessly drive your software.

  • Mobile

    Whether through a native app or responsive design, we find the best way to bring your product to the mobile audience

List of Services
  • Ruby on Rails

    From low-level Ruby workers to Service-Oriented Ruby on Rails clustered applications, we've been slinging Ruby since our beginnings.

  • React

    When you need fast client-side applications, our experience in React frameworks and their uses comes to the front.

  • See the Bendyworks Difference

  • Elixir and Phoenix

    We'll help you build the scalable, reliable app you need using Elixir and the Phoenix framework.

  • The Future of Everything

    Whether you love the functional programming of Clojure, the type checking in TypeScript, or both in Elm, we'd love to explore the future with you.

Whether you need a seasoned partner to take your ideas to completion, additional support, or a final push for your development team, Bendyworks is here to take your projects to completion and beyond.


The way we approach projects at Bendyworks can be summed up in a single word: flexibility. Our entire process revolves around staying nimble and adaptable to your needs.

Illustration - We talk to you. A lot.

We talk with you. A lot.

Agile course correction requires constant feedback, and we keep our lines of communication clear and free for our clients. Bendyworks believes in daily, efficient contact in a way that works for you. Which means you’ll never be left wondering how the project is coming along.

Illustration - We don't do fixed bids.

We don't do fixed bids.

Because we charge by time and materials, you can change the scope of your project in a natural way as it evolves. Need new features? Need to stop a project and start it up again later? No need to rework a contract, Bendyworks will adjust to your needs on the fly.

Illustration - We work in pairs.

We accelerate each other.

Having a Bendyworker on your team means you have access to all the minds here at Bendyworks. Elevating difficult problems to the rest of the team gives the opportunity to step back from their perspective and combine it with everyone else's. Never getting stuck is a team effort.

Illustration - We use BDD and TDD

We use BDD and TDD.

When it comes time to fully flesh out your project, we take the traditional development path and turn it on its head. How? By using Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development, which both dramatically speed up the development time and improve the accuracy of a project.

Illustration - We use the right tools.

We use the right tools.

At Bendyworks we believe you should use a hammer when you need a hammer, and a wrench when you need a wrench. From Ruby on Rails to React Native, we’re equipped and skilled with the most effective development and design tools the digital world has to offer. We won’t ever use the wrong solution to the problem just because “we know this particular technology.”

Illustration - We have an integrated team

We are always learning.

The world of technology is always changing. We keep ahead of the curve by continuously pushing ourselves to find better ways of solving problems. Our developers engage in dedicated bi-weekly growth time which is on our dime not yours. This keeps constantly learning and pushing forward.

Bendyworkers at work

Our Work

Want to see how we put all these ideas into practice? Browse the case studies below to get a feel for what we've done.

Working with Bendyworks has been a great lesson in dreaming about what you don’t think is possible and then having it delivered. Bendy is a team of magic-makers who have expertise across a wide tech stack spectrum, are determined to understand the root of what’s needed to solve the task at hand, are able to bridge the gap between tech experts and stakeholders and are just fun to work with.

Laura, at a Fortune 500 client

Bendyworks has been a critical component in modernizing our iOS app - the resulting efforts have significantly improved the overall reliability, performance and user experience for our customers.

Arpan S., Senior Product Manager at Fortune 500 client

Our Team

Want to know who’s crafting your code or polishing your UI? Meet your Bendyworkers right here. We have a talented and tightly integrated team, and we’re happy to show them off.

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    Steve has been building software quality and value since 1992. This has lead him to Ruby, Rails, Behavior Driven Development, Extreme Programming, software craftsmanship, mentoring and teaching.

    BDD & TDD
    Stephen's avatar

    Stephen Anderson

    Chief Executive Officer
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    An ace developer with more than 10 years experience, Andrew has expert level skills in Ruby on Rails, Express.js, HTML5, and CSS. Andrew used to have a life before he had a baby and would love to show you some photos. Lots of photos.

    Object Oriented Programming
    Andrew's avatar

    Andrew Assarattanakul

    Senior Developer
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    With a background in eLearning and immersive learning, Valerie has expertise in JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and C#. When she manages to separate herself from a computer screen, she can be found cooking various cuisines, crafting, or dreaming up another DIY project.

    Capsacin Concentration
    Valerie's avatar

    Valerie Burzynski

    Senior Developer
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    A programmer since 3rd grade, Jacob has improved vastly on their programming since then and has come to specialize in Ruby, Rails, HTML5, and CSS. They're partial to a tasty burger and a good game of hockey.

    Jacob's avatar

    Jacob Ela

    Senior Developer
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    By day, Peter slings Clojure and JavaScript code. At night, he enjoys board gaming, reading horror and sci-fi novels, teaching fellow programmers, and newcomers to the field via ClojureBridge.

    Abstract Thinking
    Mechanical Sympathy
    Peter's avatar

    Peter Schuck

    Senior Developer

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