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You Know, For Kids

One of the core values at Bendyworks is to do whatever we can to bring underrepresented groups into tech. It fits well with our mission statement: SHARE JOY and SUCCESS in our CRAFT.

Over the past year or so, we've jumped at opportunities to talk...

The Bendyworks Conference Roadshow Late 2017

We're ending 2017 with another strong conference showing. Bendyworkers are giving 21 presentations at 15 events in 10 cities and 1 ocean. Topics include Web Components, Twitter API, Progressive Web Apps, Material Design, salary negotiation and Google...

Building Dynamic Forms in Ionic 2

At Bendyworks we've been working on growing our in-house expertise in Ionic. In this blog I'm going to go over one of the more complex form structures available in Ionic 2, displaying dynamic options, and show you how to implement it!

Form Needs

Elm on Rails 5.1 with Webpacker

Elm, the new hotness in front-end programming, is now (almost) officially supported in Rails 5.1 via the webpacker gem. The Elm language provides strong type-checking in an immutable, functional programming language that compiles down to JavaScript...

Video Messaging in Rails

We've been working with our friends at the Chins Up Foundation to develop an innovative application connecting youth with college athletes through a pen-pal mentorship program. Recently, we were requested to add video messaging to the application...

The Bendyworks Conference Roadshow Early 2017

We're kicking off 2017 with a bang. Six Bendyworkers are giving 17 presentations at 13 events in 10 cities in 4 countries and 1 ocean over 6 months. Topics include JavaScript, IoT, immutability, salary, Elm, and the Twitter API. Come and say hi.

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