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Give Yourself a Security Makeover

While visiting Twilio for a day on my two-week programming pilgrimage I learned that I’ve been pretty insecure. Joël Franusic (@jf) explained that I needed a security makeover. You probably do too! So let’s get started. Follow the suggestions as you...

You Don't Know Your Visitors, So Stop Pretending

Part 1: What is analytics really?

Web analytics should hurt a little. Not just the pain of seeing your low traffic revealed in hard numbers, but the realization that you don’t really know your visitors.

We programmers tend to be preoccupied by our...

Styleguide Rails

You might as well learn it now, because you’ll be using it in 6 months. Styleguide rails is a cool gem that builds a living, breathing styleguide for your site. You can add it to your project really easily (let’s just do it right now):

gem install

Programming Pilgrimage

PilgrimIn August 2012 I resolved to become a world-class web developer in one year and to share my progress and discoveries along the way. I challenged myself with the task of learning a new programming topic every two weeks, blogging about what I learned...

Version Control for Poetic Time Travelers

Matthew McCullough (@matthewmccull) leads Git workshops across the world. He recently visited Madison, Wisconsin to discuss and demonstrate advanced topics such as rerere merging, the reflog, interactive rebase, cherry-pick, show-branch, branch filtering...

The Hidden Life of Stylesheet Preprocessing

Like any piece of art, a stylesheet should be indivisible and bold, but natural. It should arrive to the browser in one elegant file, a succinct connection between page semantics and presentation. Preprocessing distances a stylesheet from the Sturm...

Don't Play CSS Tetris

“Want to see the future?” Dale Sande (@anotheruiguy) leaned toward me with a conspiratorial gleam in his eye. His laptop was crowded with code and design layouts. He proceeded to show me that I have been doing CSS all wrong.

My first mistake is using...

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