Moz Analytics

Adapt. Learn. Rock. How we took an ongoing project and an unfamiliar framework and ran with it.


As part of their rebranding campaign, Moz (formerly SEOmoz) decided to completely rewrite their marketing software, Moz Analytics. They had the infrastructure and the vision, but they knew they needed a larger development team to build out the various aspects of the project.


Bendyworks, of course. Since we insist on meeting our clients face-to-face and Mozzers live far away in a land called Seattle (sɪˈætl̩), we kicked the project off by flying out there for some quality time together. After building rapport at the Moz home base, we added in those Bendyworks spices and voilà, the perfect team. Moz’s TAGFEE code fit wonderfully with our own values — it’s like we were made for each other.


Moz Analytics officially launched their beta, and we’re continuing to work with them to develop new features and refine existing ones. Working with the Moz team has been a great experience and the exchange of knowledge has been fantastic. We solidified their testing practices and they helped us take our Backbone.js skills to the next level.

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