Travis CI

Distribute. Build. Test. Succeed. How Bendyworks improved the open source community and the project by delivering a native app to the iPhone iPad marketplace.


The team provides an open-source distributed build system that handles continuous integration testing for thousands of open source projects. However, they were missing a mobile solution to allow their users the ability to monitor builds while on the go.


At Bendyworks, we ♥ open source. What better way to show our appreciation for the open source software (OSS) community than create an app for it? And while we were at it, we went ahead and open-sourced the app itself! As a testament to the potential of the open source community, we even received a code contribution within hours of announcing the app. uses a state-of-the-art open source library to facilitate the data consumption of’s RESTful API. Atop that foundation, we used another OSS library to receive instant updates via Pusher notifications. Once we wired up all of the data paths, we implemented both iPhone and iPad interfaces, making the application a ‘universal’ success!


TravisCI is on the App Store now! Released as a universal binary, it is available for free on both iPhone and iPad.

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