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BendyConf: Bad Estimating Games

Estimation is a crucial but challenging element to managing any software project. Without estimates, we can’t say what stories (or features, in our lingo) are in scope or not in scope for a given development phase. At the same time, the process of...

BendyConf: One Art Please

A guy walks into a web shop.

I’m thinking of starting a travel blog,” he says.

“I’m sure you’ll need a logo.”

“Oh, a logo? Can you make me one of those?”

And so begins the act of arting, as Bendyworks designer Kelly Rauwerdink calls it, a black...

BendyConf: Introduction To Firefox OS

Josh’s BendyConf talk introduced us to Firefox OS, an open source, web focused mobile operating system developed by Mozilla. Although it has been available for more than a year, this June marked the release of version 2.0, making now a good time to...

BendyConf: Share, Learn, Enjoy

We believe it’s important that companies provide a forum for employees to share their passions, learn about a diverse array of topics, and enjoy the company of their coworkers. For us at Bendyworks, a big way we do that is through our internal conference...

BendyConf: The Internet Is Your New Database

In his talk The Internet Is Your New Database, Will laid bare the ideas behind the semantic web. While usually shrouded in misunderstanding, the semantic web has lots of cool ideas packed in it.


Will started with the simple notion of a...

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