Programming Pilgrimage

PilgrimIn August 2012 I resolved to become a world-class web developer in one year and to share my progress and discoveries along the way. I challenged myself with the task of learning a new programming topic every two weeks, blogging about what I learned and giving talks at user groups and conferences. Forcing myself to be open about what I know and being vulnerable has been a cool experience, and I’ve found people have been very supportive and helpful.

Now I want to dream even bigger, and try something really audacious, but I need your help.

Taking a cue from the medieval monks, I want to embark on a programming pilgrimage. Rather than a staff I’ll carry a laptop. Rather than begging for alms, I’m begging for code — for the opportunity to write lots of it with other passionate developers. Some people might snap pictures to help them remember the fun they had on vacation. I want to remember mine with git commits.

My destination: San Francisco. I’m planning a two-week trip in the second half of March, and would like to meet new people and contribute to projects every day of it. I’d like most to hack on open source, or parts of proprietary software that can be extracted to open source.

But I can’t be successful alone. Here is what I need from you: if you have an open project, if you have an un-paired developer, if you have anything that could benefit from cross-pollination, then ask me to visit! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Here’s more information about my background and “1-Up” self-improvement project.

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