Moldover: Godfather of Controllerists

Last night I was able to attend a workshop at Madison Media Institute featuring Moldover and his crazy custom mixers and modified instruments such as the Robocaster. At the end of the night I was so impressed I twisted his arm until he came to Bendyworks to perform and share with us.

The buttons and knobs, most of which look reminiscent of 80’s video games, are all programmed against Ableton Live to affect the output of devices or create effects against his speaking and singing voice. Need to lay down a beat? Hit this button. Need to add a delay? That button. Need three part harmony? Guess what? Button.

Moldover is currently on tour sharing his unique creations with Makerspaces, educating students and enthusiasts through workshops, and performing live shows. Tonight he plays at The Cardinal Bar with DJs Wyatt Agard (Twitter, SoundCloud) & Wangzoom (Twitter, SoundCloud).

Category: Culture