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Announcing B-Sides

Bendyworks is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with some great folks to bring you more access to the Madison music scene.

The Majestic Theatre has been bringing national touring acts to our area for the last five years and has supported the...

Playoff Radio Spot

Bendyworks origins in Madison, WI means that we are football fans. With Green Bay in the playoffs we were able to try out a new advertising medium.

Take a listen to our ad below or listen to WIBA AM or FM during today’s game.

Customer Quote: Centro

“Centro’s experience with Bendyworks was very positive. The developers we worked with were able to jump right into a complex code base and quickly contribute quality code to an ongoing project. Everyone was smart, pragmatic, and fun to work with.”...

Testing Security with Brakeman

Security in web applications is not something developers discuss often enough – some think of it as a taboo subject, or something the NOC guys have to deal with. Some treat security as a post deployment afterthought. Sometimes little thought is given...

The Isthmus: Bendyworks' Big Idea

Madison’s Weekly Newspaper, Isthmus, picked up a story from local freelance journalist Marc Eisen. The story, one in a series on Madison’s Next Economy, focuses on Brad Grzesiak’s idea of creating a tech corridor on the East Side of Madison.


Your Papers, Please

Sometimes a line of discussion will open up into areas of unexpected intensity. Suddenly people are vehement and they won’t let go. When that happens, it’s interesting, and it might mean something.

This happened at Madison Ruby (#MadisonRuby) during...

Growth day happenings – Friday the 13th

(This is the first of a recurring series describing our work during most, if not all, growth days at Bendyworks. Note that we won’t do growth day on Friday the 20th, because it’s UXMad.)

What’s a “Growth Day”?

Bendyworks invests in our developers...

What are we doing over the next few weeks? 2012-07-09

What’s coming up the rest of the month?

The major event is clearly UXMAD.

uxmad poster

This is a premier user experience conference for a decidedly less than premium price. Thursday the 19th there will be hands-on workshops; Friday the 20th and Saturday the...

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