Giving back to the community

Here’s how Bendyworks has given back to the community in the past week:

Jim recorded an interview with the fine folks at EngineYard about our experiences working with them. Look for the link to the audio soon!

Madison Ruby registration and Call for Proposals are now open!

Brad started a gem called guard-readme-on-github that allows you to preview your README files as if they were already pushed to Github. Just pull it into your gemfile and set up your Guardfile with:

[bundle exec] guard init readme-on-github

Matt worked with Angel N. Sciortino on schedule_fu and rschedule.

Brad and Matt made a change to the popular heroku_san gem to store the last deployed git commit SHA in Heroku config variables. You can view the pull request for this feature in the mainline heroku_san here.

Brad and Jaymes pushed a few changes to Bendyworks’ for iOS, which happens to be open source. The changes should show up in the App store soon.

Brad added a few methods to ConciseKit. You can see more on the associated blog post

The newly-minted Spacegeeks org on Github got its first contribution in the form of a diagram of a cold-wall vortex rocket engine scrawled on a bar napkin by Brad.

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