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Matt Gauger

Tessel: A First Look at JavaScript on Hardware

When a small red circuit board called the Tessel appeared on a crowd-funding site over a year ago, its promise to bring simplicity to hardware hacking caught my eye. It’s now on the market and, with a project percolating in my mind, I ordered one to...

UW Big Data Event presents Storm

After hearing that Twitter would be sending its engineers to the UW to talk about Apache Storm, a group of Bendyworkers bundled up against the cold and made the short trek to the UW.

Join us for Global Day of Code Retreat!

Mark your calendars! Bendyworks will be hosting the Global Day of Code Retreat on Saturday, December 14th. What’s a code retreat, you ask?

A code retreat is a programming event that focuses on honing your skills. You take time out from your usually...

It's Growth Day at Bendyworks

[Bendyworks Growth Day]1 from StoryFirst Media on Vimeo.

Here at Bendyworks we take Fridays for personal, professional and company growth. We think growth days are vital to stay engaged with the open source community...

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