Bendyworks Featured in Widen Connectivity Report

Widen, a digital asset management product company, knows what it takes to keep companies connected. Their software allows geographically, departmentally, and skillfully diverse individuals at companies collaborate and share photos, illustrations, videos, and more. It's a seriously difficult problem to solve, and they do it better than anyone else.

That's why, when I was approached to be interviewed on workplace connectedness, I was honored to share some of the knowledge I had built up over the years. In the chat, I focused on a more recent development within the office: leveraging the Know Your Company SaaS to help our team stay more connected.

In the interview, I answered questions like "Do you think your employees are connecting in new ways?" and "Do you have a sense of what it has done for employee morale?" I'm excited to share the whole interview in the Widen Connectivity Report. The whole report—all 55 pages of it—is available behind a contact form, but it's a small price to get an incredibly valuable document. Go check it out!

Category: Culture