"Technology is a black box to me."


When we speak to prospective clients or when we explain what we do to people we meet, they often tell us that they don’t understand technology or software. We hear a range of comments from, “I don’t know that much about tech” to “I’m so software illiterate.”

These comments are disheartening because we know these individuals have a ton to offer to a technical project. You don’t need to know how to program (or even understand what programming entails!) to be an awesome contributor to software design and development.

Non-Technical Team Members Bring Valuable Skills and Expertise to the Table

Industry/Product Knowledge

Our clients are experts in their field and about their product. Their expertise provides a strong vision for any technical project — one of the keys to success.

When we talk to members of other industries, we always learn something. Other industries have insights into project management, customer relations, and company culture. We’re able to share ideas about communication, organization, and more. After working together on a technical project, both parties walk away with new knowledge that they can apply to their industry.

Fresh Perspective

Those without a technical background inevitably look at the technical process with fresh eyes. They see the big picture and the goals and they aren’t caught up in the technical minutia. This perspective is so valuable to any technical person. Developers may miss a larger picture problem that a client sees, or the client may have a suggestion that improves the product by an order of magnitude that developers may have missed while buried in planning an upgrade.

Illuminating Questions

In the absence of a technical background, questions arise about the technologies we use. While a question may feel too stupid to ask, at Bendyworks, we find that answering even the most basic questions helps us better articulate what we do. We also have discovered that answering basic questions helps us catch mistakes.

When we explain ourselves, we reinforce our own knowledge and refine how we can explain it to others.

Interest and Engagement

When there is genuine interest from a client, it likely means we’re able to engage more meaningfully on a project. We love tech here at Bendyworks, and attentive ears are some of our favorite opportunities to talk about our technical passion.

The overall message? If you have a fantastic, market-driven idea for a software product, don’t let lack of technical knowledge be an obstacle. And whether or not you’re thinking of building an app, you don’t have to apologize for not being a software expert.

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