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Why Clojure?

Clojure has been growing in popularity since its first major release in 2008. If you or your company is interested in understanding the value of Clojure at a high level, read on.

Clojure might be the answer if:

Your existing application is written...

"Technology is a black box to me."


When we speak to prospective clients or when we explain what we do to people we meet, they often tell us that they don’t understand technology or software. We hear a range of comments from, “I don’t know that much about tech” to “I’m so software...

Ruby? Rails? Ruby on Rails?

This post is one in a series of blog posts that answer some of the most common questions we get from prospective and current clients. All of the posts in this series are under the Questions tag if you want to view more like this.

As a consultancy...

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