Maydm Visits Bendyworks

Bendyworks recently had the amazing opportunity to host a small get together for the students of Maydm. Maydm describes themselves as:

Integrating computer science learning, mentorships, & internships through programs that prepare students for a future in STEM

The goal of the students' trip to Bendyworks was to learn about a career in the programming and technology field. Together, we explored HTML using the model-viewer web component from Google. The students were able to see how to add customized attributes to custom HTML elements and get instant visual feedback immediately in the browser. Through this activity, the students were able to see just how much you can do on the web today with some work and creativity.

We also explored Google's Poly model repository which hosts a variety of simple and complex models alike. The students had a blast with the platform and found a lot of awesome content to play around with.

One of the instructors of the group, Haley, had this to say about the event:

It was great for them to meet "real world" coders and hear about how people got into their careers. They really like interactive coding so going through how it worked and then seeing the possibility was great. How Abraham and Bradyn connected some of the examples through gaming was great and it's always a plus for the group! Great field trip!

The students had made remarks such as:

I had fun learning how the code worked.

It was awesome seeing and interacting with the 3D models.

Bradyn's remarks from the experience:

I personally had a lot of fun with this group and what was really amazing and inspiring to me was the pretty equal proportion of male and female students. Seeing the opportunities reaching all types of students, no matter where they come from or their previous exposure to technology, is really inspiring to me to keep helping students "level up" their technological skills.

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