Happy Holidays From Bendyworks

When the end of the year approaches and the weather (depending where you are!) begins to have a snap in the air, the holiday season is near. Here at Bendyworks, the change isn’t personified in an office tree or snacks showing up in the breakroom. That’s impossible for a remote company unless you count having fun in a Zoom meeting!

What does the end-of-year time look like for Bendyworkers? We asked around and found three common themes.

Puzzles and Gifts

The holiday season is filled with puzzles and gifts of all sorts. Where will the tree be put up? How many lights can safely fit without the help of some kind of fastener? When will the extended family arrive and where will they sleep?

Apart from these logistical puzzles (which may or may not be enjoyed!) gift-giving itself is a puzzle that some Bendyworkers love. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one to express the giver’s appreciation or to fill some need makes all the craziness of shopping worth it.

That being said, food and socks are always nice!

Time with Loved Ones

Many Bendyworkers have families, biological and chosen. The holiday season provides some built-in time during the year to spend exclusively with children, parents, in-laws, and other family members. School is out, work pauses, and everyone has a little time somewhere in the season to gather over a snack and catch up.

Loved ones for some Bendyworkers also include friends who live far away, people in past hometowns, and many others. Time can be spent in person or over the phone. For some people, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with their housemates and make extra time for social activities.

Or maybe it’s a chance to let the cat have a nap on the laptop while the dogs get an extra trip to the dog park!

A Break for Everyone

Finally, for some Bendyworkers, the end of the year simply means a break. Since almost everyone is expected to take time off during this time, it’s a great season to kick back and relax. Traditional holidays aren’t for everyone. New ways to enjoy them can be just as or more impactful as the old ones.

Some examples of alternative celebrations include unconventional Thanksgiving dinners, days out on the town, and peaceful alone time to simply decompress from the past year. How about more of that last one for all of us?

At the end of the day, whether this season is full of special traditional, religious, or cultural experiences, time with loved ones, and/or a much-needed break, Bendyworks and Bendyworkers wish you a very happy holiday!

See you in the New Year!

Main image by Katie Azi on Unsplash

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