Design Support for Wisconsin Media Lab

A fresh perspective is critical to taking design from good to great. An outsider can give input to help tweak elements until all the images dazzle and animations flow smoothly.

That’s what Mic and I did for the Wisconsin Media Lab’s Wisconsin Biographies interactive site intended to teach kids about famous Wisconsites. They already had the animations and graphics, and we came in and helped them polish what they had.

First, we ran a workshop with their designer and project director to help them polish the experience for their users. The design was mostly there, but we brainstormed and conducted rapid prototyping for information architecture, interaction design and overall user experience. We advised on how they could make their animations smoother and how they could enhance the user flows throughout the site.

We also gave them ideas on how they could improve their design, and provided them with assets to help implement it. For example, we provided design elements to help tie together the overall look and to highlight the animations they had already created.

Thanks to the Wisconsin Media Lab for seeking us out for this project. From consulting roles to participating in full stack development, we <3 helping clients enhance their design and UX.


Category: Design