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BendyConf: One Art Please

A guy walks into a web shop.

I’m thinking of starting a travel blog,” he says.

“I’m sure you’ll need a logo.”

“Oh, a logo? Can you make me one of those?”

And so begins the act of arting, as Bendyworks designer Kelly Rauwerdink calls it, a black...

Get your very own Bendyworks 2014 desktop calendar

In an industry where paper feels like an artifact of a bygone era, we decided a little tactility and handmade detail would be a welcome change of pace. After months of illustrating and distilling Bendyworks’ values into some sparkly copywriting, we...

Design Support for Wisconsin Media Lab

A fresh perspective is critical to taking design from good to great. An outsider can give input to help tweak elements until all the images dazzle and animations flow smoothly.

That’s what Mic and I did for the Wisconsin Media Lab’s Wisconsin Biographies

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