Bwoken Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of Bwoken has just been released! This feature release includes the ability to run UIAutomation tests on a device rather than the simulator, in addition to a number of internal improvements to Bwoken.

Developers we come across have always asked: How do I run UIAutomation tests on my device?

Now with Bwoken we can respond: Simple, plug your device in, and run rake.

Bwoken detects your device, and compiles your project using the correct SDK. Then it tells instruments to run on your device instead of the simulator, and reports the results as normal. To revert back to using the simulator, unplug your device and run rake again.

Want more information on Bwoken? Check out our page on github for detailed installation instructions and usage.

Do you have feature requests for Bwoken? Add it to our github issues. Pull requests are always welcome.

Category: Development
Tags: Open Source