Bendyworks Featured on Madison Noteworthy

We were SO excited to be featured by madisonNoteworthy!

"On this madisonNoteworthy FEATURE EPISODE, we highlight Bendyworks, a web and mobile app software development company located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Brandon Williams sits down with founders Stephen Anderson and Brad Grzesiak to talk about their start with Bendyworks and their philosophies in running their business that has helped them grow.

"Bendyworks focuses on four key competencies: SHARE, JOY, SUCCESS, and CRAFT. And they've seen great success and growth from it.

"In this documentary style interview with Brad and Stephen, we talk about their start with Bendyworks and how they quit chasing the money and do something they were passionate about—programming the right way. You'll notice a theme throughout the video, of 'doing the right things and doing it the right way.' This is a strong philosophy of their business.

"Stephen and Brad leave us with a wealth of information and great advice for other entrepreneurs and small businesses—here are some of the highlights:

  • Build a talented and diverse team. Look for people who bring different skills, backgrounds, and points of view to the company.
  • Recognize what your (or your business') weaknesses are and fill that void with people who are strong in those areas.
  • Software (or business in general) is a team sport; support and empathize with your teammates and help them succeed, because in the end, this helps you and the business succeed.
  • Promote a culture of joy in the office. Bendyworks does simple things like slippers in the office, sharing workstations and regular exercise (and much more) to help their employees feel at home and happy to be there.
  • Be a part of the community. Participate and build relationships with your community and even your competitors, so you help each other out.
  • Sharing is a big part of Bendyworks. They've been able to give back 11% of their revenue and have seen profits follow."

Category: Culture