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Posted on 09.13.13 by Brad |

Bwoken 2 Beta Released

In response to a great discussion in the bwoken issues forum, I'm happy to announce the first beta of bwoken version 2! The major change, which justified the major version bump, is that bwoken is no longer invoked with rake but instead with bwoken. So, now you can do fun things like this!

$ bwoken test --focus some_test --family ipad --simulator

This will run one particular test, only on the ipad, and specifically in the simulator even if there's an iDevice connected. To try out the new beta, make the line in your Gemfile look like this:

gem 'bwoken', '2.0.0.beta.1'

Then, just run bundle upda …continue reading


Posted on 02.09.13 by Joe |

You Don't Know Your Visitors, So Stop Pretending

Part 1: What is analytics really?

Web analytics should hurt a little. Not just the pain of seeing your low traffic revealed in hard numbers, but the realization that you don't really know your visitors.

We programmers tend to be preoccupied by our creations. We repetitively visit our sites, refining and building. Reading our own copy again and again becomes almost hypnotic. The sentences start to seem so right, so laden with all the meanings of our intentions and our history with the project.

Then we unveil our website to the public and shit gets real.

High bounce rates abou …continue reading


Posted on 12.06.12 by Chris |

From Ruby to Haskell, Part 1: Testing

You read that right. Or maybe, if you read it as "stop using Ruby and start using Haskell", you read it wrong. I'm going to show you why I find Haskell to be utterly fascinating and eminently practical.

Foremost, I want to collect some bits and pieces from articles that I have read and talks that I have seen. I feel like there are troves of information out there but that it may perhaps be in need of some synthesis. There are lot of meaty topics here, but I haven't seen them collected and prepared quite to my taste yet. If my collecting will help someone else to "think different" then that' …continue reading


Posted on 11.08.12 by Jaymes |

Testing Security with Brakeman

Security in web applications is not something developers discuss often enough - some think of it as a taboo subject, or something the NOC guys have to deal with. Some treat security as a post deployment afterthought. Sometimes little thought is given after an attack has already occurred. Some web developers ignore security all together.

This attitude is unfortunate and unprofessional, because many of the common attack points are within control of the developer. Developers usually don’t know about them, but ignorance won't help recreate that maliciously dropped database table.

As developers we …continue reading

Lab project

Posted on 04.26.12 by Brad |

Introducing Bwoken

Bwoken is a UIAutomation test runner for both iPhone and iPad, which lets you write your tests in CoffeeScript, then run them in bulk from the command line. Watch the video, then head on over to its homepage!