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We’re passionate about crafting stellar software that helps our customers succeed, and we do it in a fun, flexible way.

What We Do

When we say we want to see you succeed, we mean it. Here’s what we can do for you.

  • Web and Mobile App Development

    We make programs that are elegant, simple and powerful, and we have plenty of experience with both the big and little screens.

  • UX/UI Design

    We pride ourselves on making applications that look great and feel effortless, iPhone and web applications alike.

  • Agile and Business Consulting

    Want the secrets to our success? We’d be glad to share. We can coach your dev team to help them be more productive long into the future.

So you have an idea and you need something built


The way we approach projects at Bendyworks can be summed up in a single word: flexibility. Our entire process revolves around staying nimble and adaptable to your needs.

We talk to you. A lot.

We talk with you. A lot.

Agile course correction requires constant feedback, and we keep our lines of communication clear and free for our clients. Bendyworks believes in daily, efficient contact in a way that works for you. Which means you’ll never be left wondering how the project is coming along.

We don't do fixed bids.

We don't do fixed bids.

Because we charge by time and materials, you can change the scope of your project in a natural way as it evolves. Need new features? Need to stop a project and start it up again later? No need to rework a contract, Bendyworks will adjust to your needs on the fly.

We talk to you. A lot.

We work in pairs.

Two brains are better than one, especially when it comes to coding and design. We adhere to the agile principle of pair programming to improve the accuracy, elegance, and development time of the software we write for you. With constant code review, superior project navigation, and instant bug detection, there really is no better way to develop software.

We talk to you. A lot.

We use BDD and TDD.

When it comes time to fully flesh out your project, we take the traditional development path and turn it on its head. How? By using Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development, which both dramatically speed up the development time and improve the accuracy of a project.

We talk to you. A lot.

We use the right tools.

At Bendyworks we believe you should use a hammer when you need a hammer, and a wrench when you need a wrench. From Ruby on Rails to Cocoa Touch, we’re equipped and skilled with the most effective development and design tools the digital world has to offer. We won’t ever use the wrong solution to the problem just because “we know this particular technology.”

We talk to you. A lot.

We have an integrated team.

There are a lot of bright brains under our company’s roof, and they’re all great at something different. Which means our skill set isn’t just deep, but quite wide as well. From planning to UX and design to development on nearly any platform, we can take your product from back-of-the-napkin idea to execution.

Bendyworkers at work

Our Work

Want to see how we put all these ideas into practice? Browse the case studies below to get a feel for what we've done.

Bendyworks doesn’t just build features and squash bugs. They come to us with different ideas on how to solve tricky problems and advise us on which way to go. Their consulting expertise and agile project management have helped us rebrand Moz and drive the new Moz Analytics through the alpha and beta versions and beyond.

Anthony Skinner, CTO at Moz

Centro’s experience with Bendyworks was very positive. The developers we worked with were able to jump right into a complex code base and quickly contribute quality code to an ongoing project. Everyone was smart, pragmatic, and fun to work with.

David Bortz, Director of Engineering at Centro

Our Team

Want to know who’s crafting your code or polishing your UI? Meet your Bendyworkers right here. We have a talented and tightly integrated team, and we’re happy to show them off.

  • Stephen Anderson

    Steve has been building software quality and value since 1992. This has lead him to Ruby, Rails, Behavior Driven Development, Extreme Programming, software craftsmanship, mentoring and teaching.

    BDD & TDD

    Stephen Anderson

  • Lisa Boren

    When she is not punching in numbers, Lisa enjoys playing violin, cello, and piano; skiing; camping and hiking; and traveling near and far. She has spent time in Israel and continues to seek out new and exciting places.

    Bean Counting
    Dog Wrangling

    Lisa Boren

    Office Manager
  • Jon Childress

    When away from his standard toolset of Ruby, Javascript, and Bash, Jon can be found exploring functional programming through Haskell (his newfound love), blasting chiptunes and admiring pixel-art.


    Jon Childress

  • Mic Funk

    Mic is always searching for the latest methodologies, ideas and technologies to help deliver world-class websites and applications.

    Pixel Pushing
    Dog Whispering

    Mic Funk

    UX Designer
  • Matt Gauger

    Outside of work, Matt enjoys playing guitar, building robots, screen-printing, brewing strong coffee, building and riding bicycles, mathematics, and reading several books at once. Also, he has too many hobbies.


    Matt Gauger

  • Brad Grzesiak

    When he isn't spending his waking hours running Bendyworks, Brad is either hacking on open source or playing ultimate Frisbee. And in proper Wisconsin tradition, he has a weak spot for aged cheddar and a good oatmeal stout.

    Coding Speed

    Brad Grzesiak

  • Josh Hoff

    When not computing, Josh is learning to play piano, running, disc golfing and leveling up as an amateur DJ.


    Josh Hoff

  • Betsy Lorton

    Betsy's life adventures have taken her to interesting places: she tried out tutor, math nerd, organic farmer and eco-construction worker before she settled on software developer. She loves clear documentation and a clean commit history.


    Betsy Lorton

  • Kelly Rauwerdink

    Kelly works in paint, ink, glass, screenprinting, sculpture, and, oh yeah, computer graphics. When art is not consuming her attention, she digs comic books, horror movies, terrible movies, biking, plants, cats and dogs, and tattoos.


    Kelly Rauwerdink

  • Peter Schuck

    By day, Peter slings Clojure and JavaScript code. At night, he enjoys board gaming, reading horror and sci-fi novels, teaching fellow programmers, and newcomers to the field via ClojureBridge.

    Abstract Thinking
    Mechanical Sympathy

    Peter Schuck

  • Cea Stapleton

    If she’s not coding (or dreaming about what it might be like to be a Shadowrun technomancer), Cea is likely training for next year’s Zombie Mud Run, practicing Lindy, cultivating her eclectic music collection, or trying to organize a Pathfinder campaign.


    Cea Stapleton

  • Will Strinz

    When he's not poking at some new idea for a project, Will can be found biking around town, geocaching, pretending to be a Friendly AI researcher or repeatedly turning his cat's ears inside out.

    Semantic Web

    Will Strinz

  • Amy Unger

    The granddaughter of a MIT computer, Amy was clearly destined to be a programmer but did not immediately get the message. Along the way, she organized 18th century government land transfers and processed millions of bibliographic records.

    Walking Cats

    Amy Unger

  • Chris Wilson

    When not at the computer, Chris relaxes by reading and hanging out with his wife and their two dogs. He's president of the Madison Linux User's Group and a long-time member of the Madison Clojure meetup.

    Functional Programming

    Chris Wilson


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