At Bendyworks we create positions for the people we think will be valuable to the company. Everyone who works here is talented, flexible, and knows how to work in a team. We're currently looking for:

As part of our team, you'll join us in our gorgeous office in downtown Madison, which offers a true paradox of choice when it comes to lunchtime outings. We offer great benefits like health care coverage, a full day per week on personal growth (read: Open Source Fridays!), and Taco Tuesdays at the bar below us.

Bendyworks provides a welcoming environment that embraces and encourages diversity. We understand the importance of growing our community to be as inclusive as possible, and support such organizations as Rails Girls Summer of Code and events like RailsBridge.

If you think you're the perfect match for Bendyworks, email, drop by our office, or strike up a conversation at one of the many conferences we attend. If we're impressed, we'll make a place for you here.

You're welcome to share whatever you'd like with us, and here's a list of optional items to send our way to make our lives a bit easier: