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Voted one of Madison’s “Best Places To Work”, we provide an open, fun and friendly environment in the heart of downtown.

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Current Openings

Browse our open positions—if we like each other, let's arrange a visit and find a place for you here.


Bendyworks is a fertile place for a developer. We have Growth Time to work on self-directed projects and view constant improvement as par for the course. We often socialize on Tuesday taco nights and play games after work on occasion. If you could see yourself growing to fit this description, let us know!

Who You Are

First, the basics: you want to live in wonderful Madison, WI. We hire full-time developers to work on-site in our beautiful office in downtown Madison. Next, you reach out and build community connections. If you run a Meetup, we dig that.

Next, you highly value the “soft” skills. You’re organized: you set dates and you make them. You should be professional, communicate well, and have empathy, compassion, and understanding for others. These are qualities that make a good developer great.

Finally, you’re as passionate about technology as we are. Maybe you have a passion for eclectic languages. Or does refactoring give you a thrill? Are you embarrassingly proud of a test suite you’ve written? We like having a variety of interests and technological strengths on our team.

What You’ll Do

As a developer at Bendyworks your job is to create happy customers. We do this in three main ways:

  1. Work with customers to figure out what they want and let them know what to expect.
  2. Deliver the working products that meet these expectations.
  3. Keep Bendyworks running smoothly.

There’s more to say on each of these points.

Working with customers


We meet with customers often during the course of a project; expect to speak with your customer at least once a day. You’ll know the vision and scope of the customer’s project as well as gritty day-to-day details. You’ll work with them on the daily tasks of agile software development– breaking down projects into stories that are well-specified and helping them choose the best course of action. You’ll conduct yourself professionally, understanding appropriate boundaries in relationships with clients.

Sometimes you’ll need to deal with ambiguity– We don’t always know all the details of the plan or the timeline. You’ll learn to work with what you know and ask the right questions at the right times.

Expect a little bit of travel. Since we work closely with clients all over the country, we sometimes visit them to kick off a project. You might be on the road once or twice a year for a week or so.


agile project management, organization, strong verbal and written communication skills, translating technical ideas for non-technical audiences

Working with software


We work in pairs to write code. You’ll work alongside your pair on creating, maintaining, or upgrading a client’s codebase, according to the client’s needs. You’ll keep up with changes, improvements, and vulnerabilities in your chosen technologies so you can provide the best services available. You’ll systematically collaborate with others using agreed-upon version control processes. You’ll work to improve performance, usability, and code clarity where it’s important to your client.


git, bash, SQL, web development languages and frameworks, testing frameworks, dev ops, creating documentation, TDD

  • Professional experience with modern web development languages and frameworks (e.g. Ruby on Rails, Django on Python, Clojure whatevers)
  • Proficiency with a modern version control system
  • Demonstrated expertise in writing and maintaining test suites
  • Ability and willingness to learn new skills and frameworks
  • Knowledge of command line basics
  • Experience with JavaScript front-end development
  • Understanding of databases (relational or otherwise)



Bendyworks is a small company. We work together to keep Bendyworks running, so you’ll have some responsibilities outside of the traditional “developer” role. You’ll participate in retrospectives and committees, discussing how to make Bendyworks thrive. We’ll expect you to find where there’s slack and pick it up. Expect to be involved in the team, whether it’s through hiring, mentorships, training, blogging, sales, volunteerism, or a role we haven’t invented yet.

You’ll need a good dose of self-direction to make it here. We won’t necessarily tell you what to learn next or how. You’ll have the flexibility to grow and help Bendyworks grow.


flexibility, proactivitiy, team collaboration, quick learning, sharing knowledge through conference-style talks


How? Send us as much of the following as you feel is relevant:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter or a note about why you would make a Good Bendyworker
  • Code samples or other samples of relevant work
  • Reference(s)
  • Email address
  • Whatever you feel comfortable sharing from the following sites: Github, LinkedIn, Dribbble, personal website/blog, Twitter

What We Offer

We have a fantastic environment, encourage work-life balance, provide great benefits, and value hard work.

  • Growth


    Weekly Growth Days on Friday, hosting Meetups and our Technical Talks every Tuesday are just a few ways we encourage growth. Invited to speak at a conference? We'll pay your way!

  • Craft swap

    Craftsperson Swaps

    From time to time you can go visit another company! You go there and one of theirs comes here. You learn a lot about how they work and vice versa.

  • Conference and hardware budget

    Conference/Hardware Budget

    Staying on top of industry scuttlebutt is très important. We give you a cool $1K to spend on conferences or hardware each year.

  • Paid Time off

    Bike Loan/Bus Pass

    Love to bike but have a crummy bike or none at all? We allow you to borrow enough to get you on two wheels, then reward you for riding. Prefer the bus? We have that covered too.

  • Paid Time off

    Paid Time Off

    Take some time to relax. We offer generous vacation and sick time. Should you be expecting, or expect to be expecting, we offer parental leave.

  • Health/Dental benefits


    We have a great health and dental plan. Keep the body and mind healthy, and your teeth shiny white.

  • Diversity

    Welcoming Environment

    We understand the importance of growing our community to be as inclusive as possible, and support such organizations as Rails Girls Summer of Code and events like RailsBridge.

  • Illustration

    Musical Guests

    Living next to a concert venue has its perks! Sometimes bands stop by and do a little acoustic jam sesh here.

  • Company Sponsored Events

    Company Sponsored Outings

    We encourage culture and chemistry by playing vintage video games, having a taco or two downstairs every Tuesday, or spending a summer day on the Pontoon Porch.

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