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The Bendyworks Conference Roadshow Late 2017

We're ending 2017 with another strong conference showing. Bendyworkers are giving 21 presentations at 15 events in 10 cities and 1 ocean. Topics include Web Components, Twitter API, Progressive Web Apps, Material Design, salary negotiation and Google...

The Bendyworks Conference Roadshow Early 2017

We're kicking off 2017 with a bang. Six Bendyworkers are giving 17 presentations at 13 events in 10 cities in 4 countries and 1 ocean over 6 months. Topics include JavaScript, IoT, immutability, salary, Elm, and the Twitter API. Come and say hi.

The Bendyworks Conference Roadshow

The fall is always a busy time of year. Visiting family, pressing cider, eating pie. Here at Bendyworks we are rapidly rolling into full conference season. Check out these presentations coming to conferences near you.

TL;DR: 4 Bendyworkers giving...

Two Keynote tips that everyone should know

As a frequent speaker, I hook my laptop up to strange projectors that my laptop has never seen before. I also need to get my presentation working quickly as any delay or perceived technical problems set a poor tone for the presentation and stress me...

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