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Posted on 11.30.12 by Chris |

Getting Plan 9 running on the Raspberry Pi

Screenshot of Plan 9

Update (2013-10-24)

There's a new image available for the Raspberry Pi as of Sep. 23rd. The link in the article is still correct, but if you wanted to read about the release part 1 and part 2.

More Unix than Unix

Do you like Unix? Do you really like Unix? Well, what if I told you there's a little-known operating system out there that's more Unix than even Unix is. Cool, right?

Well it is true! Plan 9 occupies an interesting niche in the open source operating system world. It is a full-fledged descendant of Unix, but not in the way that most systems out there are. It took th …continue reading


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Cthulhuian Document Preparation With Troff

Cthulhu thinking about documents

tl;dr: If you are looking for a lightweight document preparation system in the style of LaTeX, try out troff which is probably already on your system.


Lurking deep in UNIX, even on your shiny new Mac, is the eldritch horror of troff. It waits, dead but dreaming, for when the stars are right to reëmerge from the unplumbed deeps of the icy dark waves...

Actually, troff is a typesetting program that you may not have even realized you had. And while troff is old, and perhaps obscure, it is surprisingly useful for making clean, simple documents. If you need something like LaTeX …continue reading