Posted on 01.16.14 by Chris |

The Migrationless Migration

I've been reading the excellent blog Revision-Zero lately, and just a whole bunch of other relational algebra stuff. If I may impose upon you for a minute, relational algebra is one of those things that, like linear algebra, is a shining intellectual gem. It is at once pretty in its own right but also tremendously practically useful. I strongly suggest that any working programmer should acquaint themselves with it. You should also learn about linear algebra, but that's another article!


In programming we spend a lot of time concerning ourselves with modularity. This quest for modularity …continue reading


Posted on 01.03.14 by Glynnis |

2014 Letterpress cards with Flying Rabbit Press

Happy New Year, from Bendyworks and Flying Rabbit Press from Bendyworks on Vimeo.

This year we went analog with our holiday card. We got our hands dirty with Kate Clapper of Flying Rabbit Press to document the unique process that is letterpress--from mixing the ink to rolling the drum across the press, one color at a time. Take a peek as Kate works her magic with this very tactile, unique proc …continue reading


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Get your very own Bendyworks 2014 desktop calendar

In an industry where paper feels like an artifact of a bygone era, we decided a little tactility and handmade detail would be a welcome change of pace. After months of illustrating and distilling Bendyworks' values into some sparkly copywriting, we're happy to present the Bendyworks 2014 calendar: a showcase of our values, our design prowess, and a fun desktop companion to boot. Special shout out to Sprint Print and Wisconsin Packaging for their help.

Want one to keep your cubicle cozy in 2014? (We know you do.) Send us your best fake holiday before Friday 12/20 via comments …continue reading


Posted on 12.10.13 by Matt |

Join us for Global Day of Code Retreat!

Mark your calendars! Bendyworks will be hosting the Global Day of Code Retreat on Saturday, December 14th. What's a code retreat, you ask?

A code retreat is a programming event that focuses on honing your skills. You take time out from your usually busy day to focus on learning. It is "practice" over "production", "sharpening" before "shipping", and "rehearsing" instead of "releasing." It's all that and it's global. For more information. check out the official Global Day of Code Retreat Website.

Space is limited, so please register on our RSVP form so that we can plan appropriately. Lu …continue reading


Posted on 12.06.13 by Kelly |

Design Support for Wisconsin Media Lab

A fresh perspective is critical to taking design from good to great. An outsider can give input to help tweak elements until all the images dazzle and animations flow smoothly.

That’s what Mic and I did for the Wisconsin Media Lab’s Wisconsin Biographies interactive site intended to teach kids about famous Wisconsites. They already had the animations and graphics, and we came in and helped them polish what they had.

First, we ran a workshop with their designer and project director to help them polish the experience for their users. The design was mostly there, but we brainstormed and …continue reading